June 12, 2013

“All the animals and birds around Taksim Square are dying”

TurkeyWaterCannonArchitectural historian HEGHNAR WATENPAUGH wrote a very useful post for the Society of Architectural Historians on the urban planning aspects of the unrest in Taksim Square and its broader implications.

Thanks to her, I also read Orhan Pamuk‘s reflections in the New Yorker on some of the history and his memories of Taksim Square.

Amnesty International is encouraging people to write to the government officials in Turkey about the police violence and lack of information about those who have been injured and detained. So much tear gas has been used in the area, and inside buildings, that non-human animals are dying and many people are severely injured.

ROAR Magazine has been posting a lot of links to coverage, especially pointing to the abuses occurring in other Turkish cities, when attention is on Istanbul.


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