September 13, 2007

Just Space(s)

I’m getting prepared to go to Los Angeles in November to see the Just Space(s) exhibit and participate in the tour from LA down to the Mexican border at Tijuana, called The Political Equator. This will be another version of a trip organized in 2006. Also during the Just Spaces exhibit there will be a book party for An Atlas of Radical Cartography. Altogether, it should be an intense and sleep-deprived weekend. Nick Brown, who is a colleague here, and Ava Bromberg, a mover and shaker in the Geography Department at UCLA, have been lead organizers and conveners for a huge number of events in LA this fall. Ava also co-edited the latest issue of Critical Planning, to which our group here contributed. With empyre featuring a discussion on “critical spatial practice” and all the action in Los Angeles this fall, it will be a wonder if I have any time at all to write this blog.

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